1. Student Physical and Health Screening



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Student Referral and Placement

First Supervisory District of Suffolk County
201 Sunrise Highway
Patchogue, New York 11772


Student Referral

Eastern Suffolk BOCES strives to provide optimal educational opportunities for referred students, including students with unique educational needs. Participation in ESBOCES programs augments local district educational opportunities. Referral to ESBOCES programs is made by the home school district.
Initial program placement of students in all ESBOCES programs shall be the responsibility of appropriate ESBOCES employees in cooperation with home school district personnel. Program placements shall take place only after all available information has been analyzed and the student has been recommended by appropriate school district personnel for such placement. All class placements shall be administered and conducted in accordance with accepted practices, NYS Education Law, and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.
Placement within a program (i.e., section or classroom) shall be determined by the appropriate ESBOCES administrator. Placement of students with disabilities shall follow NYS Education Law and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

Student Physical and Health Screening

Health records, physicals, and relevant records may be required of any student to ensure his/her safe and appropriate participation in any ESBOCES program.

First Adopted: 7/1/03
Readopted: 7/11/07


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