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    Released Time for Religious
    Instruction and Observance

    First Supervisory District of Suffolk County
    201 Sunrise Highway
    Patchogue, New York 11772


    Absence for religious observance and education shall be permitted under rules established by the NYS Commissioner of Education.
    Absence of a student from instructional hours for religious observance and education to be held outside the ESBOCES building and grounds will be excused upon the request in writing signed by the parent or guardian of the student. The courses in religious observance and education must be maintained and operated by or under the control of a duly constituted religious body or of duly constituted religious bodies.
    Students must be registered for the instructional courses and a copy of the registration filed with the local public school authorities. Classroom teachers shall report attendance of students at such courses as excused absences.
    Such absence for religious instruction shall be for not more than one hour each week at a time to be fixed by the local school authorities.


    First Adopted: 7/1/03
    Readopted: 7/11/07
    Readopted: 4/28/11


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